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How does imperative play help children?

Great Khali

Posted on January 12 2022

For most people, learning is acquiring new skills such as memorizing alphabets, counting, poem, writing,

For most people, learning is acquiring new skills such as memorizing alphabets, counting, poem, writing, etc. They often believe that playing is only for fun and involves no actual learning. However, according to researchers, playing is learning, especially for children of age 2 to 10 years. Therefore, the importance of play in early childhood cannot be underestimated because it is necessary for the child’s mental and physical development.

In order to boost this development of your child, at the 805 Masks, we offer handmade masks for kids appropriate for the imperative play at home, Christmas Party, Birthday party, Halloween party, School plays, Costume party, and more. Our all masks are eco-friendly and made with soft and high-quality felt material to ensure the child's comfort. These masks would be a great way to bring a smile to their faces while fueling their creativity at the same time. Here is how these masks help in child development:

1. Early brain development 

During an imperative play, your child is likely to come up with many ideas and stories to make the play interesting. Sometimes they may also come up with their own dialogue. All this helps in brain development in many ways, including providing necessary life experiences.

For instance, if your child is playing a superhero, he is likely to understand the difference between good and evil. If he is playing the role of animals, he will learn about animals. To make this imperative play much more fun and knowledgeable, pick our handmade masks for kids and let your child drown in their creativity.

2. Boost intelligence

According to a study, imperative play can enhance linguistic, cognitive, and social skills. Imagine your child creating a situation during their play and then coming up with solutions on their own. If your child is too small for imperative plays, we also offer handmade toys for children. Our toys are made especially with the goal of helping the child learn new skills. Toys like felt hamburger play food and felt french fries play food will boost the baby's thinking skills. You may like to explore our collection to find more such creative play toys.

3. Better communication 

Pretend play allows young children to practice their vocabulary when they speak and try to understand others' speech. Moreover, a child is likely to talk much more and more creatively during play than he or she regularly does.

Final thoughts

At the 805 masks, we understand that real learning starts from childhood, and not everything can be learned through books. Some things need to be experienced, and an imperative or pretend play is the perfect way for that. We only try to give wings to children's creativity with our handmade masks for kids while helping them learn new skills. So why not let them have some fun?

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