Fun and Wacky Masks and How It All Started!

Sandy Darrow

Posted on September 09 2021

Fun and Wacky Masks and How It All Started!

In today’s world when you hear the word “mask”, a certain image pops into your brain–most of the time, unpleasant. But, I prefer to battle this stigma with amazingly fun and wacky masks that are MUCH different from surgical masks! I'm Sandy, the face behind 805 Masks.

I have has been making masks since 2016–I started because I was not able to find any toys related to a cartoon character that my 3-year-old grandson loved. Then I struck gold. When I ran across a mask pattern for the character in question and made some for my grandson!

When I saw how much fun he was having dressing up with the mask and pretending, I decided to see if anyone would be interested in purchasing these masks from me. I could not make them fast enough!

My favorite part of selling crafts, especially for children and families, are the photos and reviews about kiddos playing and having fun. It makes it so worthwhile when I see that they are pretending and away from the TV, computer, and i-pads using their wild imaginations. Many times after Halloween I receive photos of the entire family wearing themed masks as I make adult size masks, too.

I have lots of favorite masks and I tend to get excited about each new pattern I make!. I suppose my favorite would be when a customer asks me to personalize a mask for them or their child by changing the colors to match the rest of a costume or to match their favorite pet. I once had a customer ask me to make a cocker spaniel with a heart on her forehead because her daughters puppy had that marking and she wanted to dress up like her little dog for Halloween. 




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